How To Level Up Fast in Clash Royale

How To Level Up Fast in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer battle game that provides cards to get started as well as many other unlockable cards with unique effects. Gaining levels in Clash Royale can be challenging, so I’m going to tell you about my experience to help speed up your progress.

If you’re looking to level up fast in Clash Royale, you’ll need to get a plan and stick with it.

Some Effective Ways To Level Up Fast

Here are some effective ways on how to level up fast in clash royale :

Complete special Challenges

At least twice a week, Clash Royale offers Special Challenges that, if completed, can reward players with Gold, Cards, Wildcards, Tokens, Chest Keys, Emotes and even some rare chests.

So complete your weekly challenges to receive items that will assist in your Level Up progress.

Play Defense First

Playing defense first is an essential way to success in Clash Royale. While it may seem counterintuitive, if you can’t defend your towers from enemy attacks, then you won’t have time or resources to build up an offensive force. Investing in strong defensive cards will grant you victory and allow you more time to focus on attacking when it comes time for offense.

Play Clan Wars

Clan Wars rewards are a great way to level up fast in Clash Royale. By participating in Clan Wars, you can earn Gold and Special Chests that will help you upgrade your cards faster.

Clan Wars rewards are dependent on your clan’s performance, providing Gold in both Training and Battle Day events. If your clan does exceptionally well, you could even get Special Chests for the top 3 finishing clans.  

These rewards will help you upgrade your card collection and gain a better overall gaming experience.

Buy Royale Pass

Royale Pass is the best way to get maximum rewards in Clash Royale. It unlocks a total of 35 tiers, giving you access to special items such as Books of books. With these items, you can receive cards regardless of their rarity and use it to upgrade your deck of cards.

Through Magic Coins, you can upgrade cards without spending gold, taking them to the next level. You’ll also find a variety of rare wild cards to use in upgrading your cards. These items can help you gain levels. Buying the Royale Pass in Clash Royale is a faster way to get to the maximum level than those who do not purchase it.

Participating in Community Events

The Clash Royale community is strong and continually growing, meaning there are plenty of chances to win significant rewards if you enter competitions with rare prizes. To make it to the highest rank – Level 14 – be sure to stay in touch with other members of the Clash Royale community during these tournaments.

Play Grand Challenges

If you participate in the Grand Challenge in Clash Royale, you can potentially get up to 2000 Gold by purchasing 60 Gems and winning two or more games. You could also be rewarded even more Gold if you win beyond that number, so take advantage of this opportunity and play grand challenges to get extra items that will help you level up quickly.

Collect Card-Specific Strategies

Although playing offense or defense is important for winning overall, each card has its own particular strategy for success. Knowing which custom decks are strongest at different levels in the game can help reduce lag and will give you an advantage against your opponent.

Use Trade Tokens Effectively

If you lack the required cards to upgrade, you can ask your clan members for help by trading them. You should prioritize the cards you prefer most and upgrade them frequently so that you can reach higher levels more quickly.

Upgrade Your Cards Often

Upgrading your favorite cards should always be your top priority as you gain levels. Upgrading helps to build synergy between all components of your deck and also gives you more powerful armies when trying to attack other players’ bases. When upgrading tons of cards, start by improving the ones that are most key to the success of your deck and those whose abilities come into play early on. Spend less Elixir on upgrading higher rarity character cards because they tend to be weaker until they reach higher levels at which point they can become invaluable resources in battle.

Don’t Dismiss Lower Level Cards Too Quickly

Too often newer players will immediately discard any card below level 9 without giving them a second chance. Card level is also important, however this could be a mistake as lower level cards offer many advantages over higher level cards like being cheaper and being able to use them more often throughout battle since their Elixir cost is lower than those of higher level cards. Beginner players should try out lower rarity cards before dismissing them because even the most  common card can end up making the difference between winning and losing if used strategically combined with other decent cards in a good deck setup.

Win Tournament Rewards

One of the best ways to level up fast in Clash Royale is to win tournament rewards. Tournaments are a great way to earn experience points, extra gold, and cards that can help you upgrade your deck and progress through the game.

Tournaments come in various forms, from small-scale local tournaments to large-scale global tournaments. Each tournament has its own set of rules and rewards.

If you have 500 gems, you can buy the Value offer which gives you 15 perks for achieving 15 wins in the Clash royale Global Tournament.

You can get items worth more than 5000 gems from a shop, such as Legendary King Chest, 50000 gold, Tokens, Wild cards and Chest Keys. These resources are the rarest and most valuable in Clash Royale and can help Handley level up to 14.

Climbing The Ladder

The harder you work, the greater your reward. There are a variety of items you can receive from obtaining trophies – if you collect 7900 Trophies, you’ll acquire everything there is to get!

With the reset of each season, you’ll have the chance to re-obtain those items and maximize your level quickly with the help of these free items.

Have Fun!

In the end, keep in mind that Clash Royale should first and foremost be fun — so don’t feel discouraged if leveling up fast isn’t happening right away! With practice and determination, soon enough advancing through each level will come naturally with loads of enjoyment along the way!

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