How To Get Bot Lobbies in Clash Royale

How To Get Bot Lobbies in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a popular mobile game developed by Supercell. It is a real-time strategy and very simple game where players battle each other in head-to-head matches using cards featuring characters from the Clash of Clans universe. 

This guide will cover the topic of Clash Royale bot lobbies, which are lobbies in Clash Royale that have most players below average in terms of skill. These players have gained the nickname “bots” for their low level of performance. The bots are programmed to play at a certain level and can be used to practice strategies or just for fun.

Gaining access to Clash Royale bot lobbies is not as straightforward as one may think. You have to follow a specific set of instructions within the game in order to ready your account and acquire an efficient Clash Royale VPN. Once that is done, you must connect yourself through distinct servers and locations so it will be easier for you to consistently join those lobbies.

Across the web, you’ll find numerous approaches to join simpler lobbies in Clash Royale. It should be noted that while some of these strategies may work and some may not, they are often patched due to glitches, or you will be presented with bot lobbies for a few matches before going back to your normal skill-based matchmaking.

Ever want to know how to get into a Bot Lobby? If so, this article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on getting into a Bot Lobby on Clash Royale.

Steps To Get Bot Lobbies In Clash Royale

This article contains instructions on how to join bot lobbies every game in Clash Royale, as well as avoiding skill-based matchmaking.  

You’ll learn how to get everything set up correctly and find out how to maintain your queue of bot lobbies in the upcoming matches. Through proper setup and best practices, you can avoid issues like high ping, busy servers, DNS leaks, internet connection problems, overly skilled players and permanent suspensions or disconnections from the servers.

Join and lose Consecutively Two Matches

In order to complete this guide’s initial step, you’ll need to participate in a Clash Royale match and do your best to lose – no matter what, miss each shot and leave no stone unturned to make sure you end up defeated.

Repeat the same steps twice in a row, then close Clash Royale.

Connect From These Countries

In order to find the easier lobbies in Clash Royale, you’ll need to connect from one of the required countries during specified times. Unfortunately, relocation is not an option, however a VPN will take care of this situation very quickly.

Listed below are some of the best Countries to connect for bot lobbies in Clash Royale:

  • Albania
  • Greece
  • Bosnia 
  • Serbia
  • Herzegovina
  • Singapore

Royale Player Lobbies

Enter the ‘Royale TV’ Lobbies. Start by opening the ‘Royale TV’ tab from the main menu. This allows you to join special player lobbies and watch replays of recent games against others.

Search For Bot Lobbies

Search for available bot lobbies. In the search bar, type in ‘bot’, and it should bring up player lobbies filled with AIs that mimic human behavior in an effort to make them seem more realistic. You can also find these lobbies through different community forums such as Reddit or Discord.

Join a lobby

Once you’ve found a lobby that suits your needs, click “Join”. You’ll be asked if you want to play with real players or AIs – make sure you select AIs so that your opponents are all bots! After joining, you’ll be placed in a waiting room until enough players have joined the match; then the match will begin automatically.

Playing Against Bots 

The benefit of playing in bot lobbies is that it gives new players an idea of how certain strategies work and how they might need to adapt their own strategies for more difficult opponents over time; however, at some point this practice won’t useful anymore as there’s an obvious limit on what humans can learn from machines with no real tactical thinking involved. At this point, it would serve them better to move onto real player matches instead.

Tips To Keep Getting Bot Lobbies in Clash Royale

If you have followed the guide, you should no longer be facing problems obtaining bot lobbies in Clash Royale. Nonetheless, if you find that the difficulty of your lobbies is starting to heighten again, don’t worry. The first solution is to close out of the game completely and alter your location to one of the other countries and reenter the game.

If the previous steps didn’t work, just follow the initial two steps of this guide and you’ll be back to playing easy lobbies in Clash Royale in no time.

Are bot lobbies in Clash Royale bannable

Bot lobbies in Clash Royale are not bannable, as they are not considered cheating. These lobbies are simply private online lobbies where players can practice their skills against computer-controlled opponents.

These bots are programmed to behave like real players and provide a realistic challenge for players who want to improve their game.

No one has been banned in Clash Royale for using bots to find easier lobbies and that’s not likely to change in the future. It’s possible the algorithms that match players together or the ranking system could be tweaked, but I don’t think there will be any sort of ban waves for trying to access specific lobbies.

However, it is important to note that using bot lobbies may still be considered a form of cheating if you are using them to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

This is everything you need to know about playing against bots in Clash Royale.


Repeat for more experience and further insight into strategies used by real players soon after beginning Clash Royale seriously. As mentioned earlier, although taking on AI opponents has its benefits, new players should eventually transition into live gaming so they can nurture their growth and become better equipped for higher ranked matches where most serious gamers spend their time anyway. Be aware that using bot lobbies to gain unfair advantages in a game would be considered cheating.

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