How To Get Trade Tokens in Clash Royale

How To Get Trade Tokens in Clash Royale

Are you an avid player of Clash Royale and aiming to get more powerful? There are plenty of ways to get better, and one of them is by getting trade tokens. Trade tokens in Clash Royale can be used to swap cards, but there’s a process that needs to be done in order to get your hands on these coveted items.

Trade Tokens in Clash Royale are essential if you want to build the optimal deck, since they enable you to swap cards with your clanmates and the in-game Trader. However, not everyone knows how to get Trade Tokens or how they operate.

This guide will show you how to get trade tokens in Clash Royale:

What are Trade Tokens & Their Types in Clash Royale

Players can obtain Trade Tokens from Challenges, the Trophy Road, and special offers in the Shop to trade cards with members of their Clan or with the Trader.

You’ll need a Trade Token in order to start a trade, however it is not necessary to accept one. If your trade is canceled or not successful, you will receive your Trade Token back. The only time Trade Tokens are consumed is when the trade is completed successfully.

There are different types of trade tokens that are given below:

  • Rare Trade Token
  • Epic Trade Token
  • Common Trade Token
  • Legendary Trade Token

Ways of Getting Trade Token

There are different ways of getting trade tokens. We have mentioned here some of the important ways so that you can easily get trade tokens.

Trade with Other Players for Tokens

The easiest way to get tokens is by trading with other players. Since all it takes is two players who want something from each other and a token as the currency of exchange, trading is obviously the most direct way of acquiring precious tokens. Keep an eye out for trades that offer great value in exchange for the token – including unique cards, high-level upgrades, or power-boosting spells like Rage or Freeze.

Participate In Special Events

Another way to acquire trade tokens is by participating in special events such as challenges and battles against special NPCs or Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Arena 6 or higher. You may also be able to earn them through tournaments and challenges. Rewards vary depending on your ranking, so always make sure to check what kinds of prizes you stand to receive before deciding whether or not it’s worth entering and completing these challenges.

Trade With The Trader

Exchanging cards with the Trader is more convenient, though it’s less likely to get precisely what you desire. Note that the Trader is only available when participating in Clan Wars, and it requires Trade Tokens to make any trades.

The Trader will provide you with three Cards to choose from, and require three Cards in return. You can re-roll the selection, but it will cost 10 Gems. Every day at midnight, the Trader’s selection of cards is refreshed and a new set becomes available.

Complete Daily Quests

Apart from participating in special events organized by Supercell from time-to-time, you should also keep up with daily quests and challenges as these may grant rewards such as gold, coins and even the much sought after trade token! The daily quests come with varying degrees of difficulty – so if you’re struggling with one particular quest — simply move on until one completed within your capabilities appears!

Trade With Clan Mates

When trading cards, there are rules and regulations you’ll need to understand. The best approach is to have someone explain the process and demonstrate a trade. Note that trading can only be done within your Clan.

To start trading, double-tap the Clan icon at the bottom right of your Home screen.

You’ll then be able to view tabs for Request and Trade. With Request, you can ask your Clan members for specific cards, while with Trade you can state what you want to give in exchange for a particular card.

When trading, you can offer four cards to an opponent – only one of which they can accept. By accepting a card that you have maxed out, you will be awarded with Gold. The trade screen also displays the number of Trade Tokens that you own.

Additionally, if you want to upgrade a card that has already reached its maximum level, you’ll need to pay Gold. The prices for this method are given below:

  • 5 for each Common Card
  • 50 for each Rare Card
  • 500 for each Epic Card
  • 20,000 for each Legendary Card

Once your Arena level is higher, you will be allowed to trade more cards of a rarer quality. However, these transactions are subject to certain rules.

Once initiated, the trade will be displayed on your Clan’s homepage for 2 days and 12 hours (36 hours). If it’s not completed within that time frame, you’ll receive a refund in Trade Tokens. You have the option to cancel the trade at any time and receive your Trade Tokens back.

For trading with a person outside of your clan, you may need to become a joint member in their clan first. Please be aware that leaving a clan imposes a two-hour and thirty-minute wait period in order to trade or request cards. Ensure you really want the card before making this decision.

Find Good Deals Online

Finally, if all else fails, why not just purchase your trade tokens directly online? You can purchase chest bundles that come with 3 trade tokens included at great discounts when compared against buying individual chests or bundles without those 3 valuable Trade Tokens! Make sure you read reviews before buying any chests — because some offers may contain scammy contents hidden inside different boxes that could be hazardous both financially and emotionally!

Final Words on How To Get Trade Tokens 

Besides Special Events, Challenges, or Global Tournaments, there are two other ways to get Trade Tokens in Clash Royale. First, you can receive them as a Trophy Road Reward. Second, you can buy them in the in-game Shop; this will often come with a Chest and some Gold. However, please note that your total number of Trade Tokens for each rarity is limited to 10.

Trade Tokens can be attained through the Pass Royale by achieving their respective tiers; each tier will award a Token of each rarity.

Once you’ve collected 10 tokens of the same rarity, any additional tokens are converted to gold at the following rate:

  • 250 Gold coins were obtained for a common
  • 500 Gold coins were obtained for a rare 
  • 1,000 Gold coins were obtained for a epic
  • 2,000 Gold coins were obtained for a legendary

However, tokens refunded from canceled trades or purchased from the shop don’t count towards this limit.

With a bit of luck and some smart decisions, you’ll soon be able to upgrade your cards and become the best player in the game!

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