What is The Best Arena-3 Deck in Clash Royale

What is The Best Arena-3 Deck in Clash Royale

Are you looking for the best arena-3 deck in Clash Royale to help you reach higher levels in the game? With a great arena-3 deck, you can move up quickly and keep your win streak intact. Here’s what you need to know about constructing an optimal arena-3 Clash Royale deck:

Choose Your Cards Wisely

When picking cards for your arena-3 deck, it is essential to strike the balance between offense and defense. You should also look at their synergy with each other, as well as how well they help reduce elixir costs. The cards that work best together will give you better results in battles. A recommended combination of troops consists of Skeleton Army, Mega Minion, Barbarians, Zap, Archers, Elixir Collector and Minion Horde.

Consider Card Level

The most important thing when selecting a card is its battle level — make sure each card is at least level two if not higher to give your deck an edge against opponents. Be sure to increase card levels regularly so your deck is always a step ahead during every match.

Which Cards are Available in Arena 3

Upon reaching Arena 3, you gain access to the following cards:

  • Cannon
  • Barbarians
  • Mega Minion
  • Battle Ram

These are the core cards you unlocked before Arena 3:

  • Skeletons
  • Bomber
  • Tombstone
  • Valkyrie
  • Archers
  • Arrows
  • Fireball
  • Giant
  • Goblin Cage
  • Goblin Hut
  • Goblins
  • Knight
  • Mini PEKKA
  • Minions
  • Musketeer
  • Spear Goblins

Try Out Different Combinations

You never know which combination of troops will bring you success until you actually try them out on the battlefield! When constructing a new arena-3 deck, get creative with those rarer cards. Don’t forget to utilize spells too! Spells have a powerful impact on battles using less elixir so make sure to include some in your set-up before playing any matches with it.

Know When To Upgrade Your Deck

Most players upgrade their decks when they reach an arena 3 milestone (e.g., 3000 trophies), but it doesn’t mean that this is the right approach for everyone! Make sure to evaluate your strategy regularly in practice games and be prepared when it’s time for changes — don’t wait for other players to do it first!

Best Arena-3 Decks

Here are the list of Best Arena 3 Decks:

  • Baby Dragon & Goblin Barrel Deck
  • Valkyrie & Giant Deck
  • Giant & Mega Minion Deck
  • Barbarians & Battle Ram Deck
  • Mega Minion + Mini PEKKA Deck

Defensive & Offensive Use Of Each Card – Arena 3 Deck

Below, you will find the defensive and offensive uses of each card:


Defensive Use – Additionally, a robust soldier called Mini P.E.K.K.A is in attendance; it can still deliver considerable destruction to any defense. The Mini P.E.K.K.A is the most suitable soldier to utilize when combating colossal skeletons and Valkyries as it affords immense destruction and yet retains some HP nonetheless.

Offensive Use – Mini-PEKKA requires to be brought to the fortress. During a distant time, mini-P.E.K.K.A had nearly totally disappeared upon contacting the fortification. He causes great harm when he approaches the stronghold, that’s why you need to utilize the colossus to protect him so he can fire off around two shots at your adversary’s turret.


Defensive Use – Skeletons are an affordable way to counter multiple cards. To take down defensive troops on both sides of the map it is preferable to deploy them in the middle. These skeletal troops are especially effective against Goblin-type troopers like Knights and Princes.

Offensive Use – Using a mammoth for support, skeletal units may be able to form a decent defense team, despite their lack of offensive power. Towers can suffer major damage from skeleton attacks.


Defensive Use – The Valkyrie is an incredibly powerful defensive card with a variety of uses. It can counter groups of low HP enemies such as Skeleton Army, Goblins, and Spear Goblins, while also being able to take out Barbarians if played correctly and close enough to the tower.

Offensive Use – Valkyrie is a great choice for countering Giant strategies as it can easily handle Barbarians, Ghosts and even takes out the enemy Towers if played correctly. Additionally, Valkyrie does major damage to any opponent who doesn’t have a counter ready.

Spear Goblins

Defensive Use – Spear Goblins offer a comparable option to this sand deck when Goblins are not available for eliminating large tank units. Additionally, their ability to shoot at air soldiers makes them a useful choice for destroying minions before they manage to reach your tower.

Offensive Use – Spear Goblins are an effective way of diverting attention away from the Giant and reducing some damage points, and on their own they can also do a small amount of damage to the tower.


Defensive Use –  Featuring a vast amount of Elixir, Goblin 2 can be used to distract hard-hitting enemy troops like the Prince and Mini PEKKA, leading them away from the tank units and towards your tower for destruction. They are especially adept at quickly taking down any giant making its way to your tower.

Offensive Use – Goblins are most effective for offensive strategies when paired with larger protecting soldiers who can fend off the giants and throw them off guard.


Defensive Use – Fireball is designed to take out swarms of minions or barbarians. Just utilize fireballs to do away with nothing but hordes of minions or barbarians.

If you plan to use this card against barbarians, have something prepared to counter the minion swarm that follows or else you’ll be in a tight spot. It should otherwise be used only on large groups of minions.

Offensive Use – Without a doubt, the most efficient use of a Fireball Spell is when targeting a Tower. The true power comes from its ability to take out enemy troops adjacent to the Tower, allowing the Barbarian or Witch Troop to finish off whatever remains of the Tower. Utilizing it this way maximizes the Spell’s full value.


Defensive Use – The Witch is an excellent defensive unit and can be placed at the rear of your base to give her time to spawn skeletons before moving ahead. What makes her great is that she can attack air units as well as ground units, and she deals splash damage so she will take out hordes of minions quickly.

Offensive Use – Barbarians are a great way to power up your giant’s attack. Position them around the giant so that their spikes hurt any units close enough for them to damage.

You can use mostly Barbarians in a push strategy, but watch out for your opponents using Fireball spells.


Using this guide, you’ll be able to develop an optimal Clash Royale Arena 3 deck for your preferences as the game is highly balanced, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

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