How does an advertiser benefit from using think with google
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How does an advertiser benefit from using think with google

If you’re an advertiser trying to reach new wider audiences and grow your brand, you probably know that Google has a lot of tools and services to help you. But it can be overwhelming to decide which ones will give you the biggest return on your investment.

Think With Google is one of the most powerful marketing tools offered by Google. This tool provides up-to-date insights about the ever-changing digital landscape to equip companies with the confidence needed to navigate their advertising campaigns successfully. It offers companies vital data on how people interact with ads, how they shop online, and how technology enhances engagement.

Using Think With Google, advertisers are able to gain access to valuable consumer data—allowing them to create more effective ads that generate higher return on investment (ROI). Additionally, there are features in this platform that allow marketers to track performance and optimize campaigns for greater efficiency. In this article, we’ll take a look at all the ways Think With Google can benefit advertisers.

What is Think With Google

Think with Google operates as a free think tank powered by Google sourced and analyzed data in order to make well-informed strategic decisions. Google uses this info to match it with content related to inspirational thought leaders, instructive write-ups, artificial intelligence-based tools, website analysis tools, insights from leaders in digital marketing, privacy, and digital transformation customer data, as well as many other sources.

From the Think with Google YouTube page, their mission is to “educate and inspire the next generation of marketers, advertisers, and creatives.”

What is Think with Google Tools

As it is Said by Google “Your Digital Marketing ToolBox” these tools can be designed to help you with marketing and web performance, provide better research and analysis, give your customers a more personalized experience, and dig deeper into your company’s business.

When exploring the Think with Google Tools, I dove deep into the exposure to which tools might be most effective for my own content marketing campaigns, and I was impressed.

Think with Google Tools is a collection of six primary online equipment and resources: Test My Site, Create with Google, Grow My Shop, Find My target Audience, Market Finder, and my personal favorite, Google Trends.

These tools are designed to help you improve your enterprises’ marketing, web performance, quantitative research, and customer digital experiences.

Let’s take a closer look.

Create With Google

​The idea behind Create with google is that creating an amazing design and marketing campaign is the key for marketing success. When your creativity inspires technology, you’ll see success in high-conversion marketing campaigns.

Enter Create With Google, which, according to the Google blog is “made for creatives, by creatives” and here to provide “creative insight, inspiration, and tools to help you make effective campaigns with Google.”

Create With Google features numerous articles, commentaries, and case studies showing how innovative companies are thinking of new and inventive ways to captivate their wider audience.

For example, their Meet the Makers series features the creative teams behind their most popular YouTube campaigns highlighting obstacles, lessons, and the essence of their success, which may involve getting out of the way of creativity in the workplace.

But how can you leverage the resources you have to increase your business’s productivity?

Although I’d say Create with Google is heavy on inspiration, it does encompass strong practical tools, specifically the video ad creation front, which can elevate your company’s ability to communicate with potential clients.

Two tools that merit further consideration when it comes to producing your video content are Director Mix and YouTube Video Builder.

Director Mix

Director Mix helps create custom video ads at scale. This tool allows any size business to create an extremely focused video ad by selecting textual content, sound, video, or other elements, then making visual changes to the ad to cater to the target audience. This gives you the ability to “completely customize your creative to reach specific audiences.”

YouTube Video Builder

For the business owner not particularly interested in creating videos, there is the YouTube Video Creator, which lets you put a few assets together quickly to edit and publish an advertising video to promote your brand.

Video Builder shows you every step of video production, from choosing music and fonts to enacting your individual copy dimensions and picture placing. No experience is required.

With such AI-assisted hand-holding, even the soft-spoken of creators can offer video ads a try.

Test My Site

The Test My Site website enables you to test your own site’s mobile performance. You enter your own website’s URL, and the site initiates an onsite test of your mobile performance. Following the assessment, the site also provides a website report packed with information and guidance for you to further improve your mobile site’s speed.

The report begins with your rating, then labels it either good or poor. Good sites load in under one second, while poor sites load over two and a half seconds. Why is this important? According to research by Google and Deloitte, “The speed of your site has a big impact on conversion and bounce rates.” The improvement of your website’s load time by 0.1 seconds can boost your website’s sales by 8%.

Grow My Store

Grow My Store assesses your own website just as Grow My Site does. Submit your website address, and you’ll receive a report on the results.

Nonetheless, this report provides how you can evaluate the ranking of your e-commerce site in comparison to other in your industry, identify areas for improvement through an analysis of your competitors’ websites, access customized consumer and market trends in order to reach new customers, and obtain support from their database of resources.

Find My Audience

Find My Audience is a tool that enables brands to reach a wider viewership by connecting to engaged audiences and helpful content creators. It does not require a lot of resources or time, so it can be easily implemented into your business strategy.

YouTube creators can use Find My Audience to discover which of their fans are most important and influential, and then use that insight to refine their message in order to speak to new audiences.

According to Think With Google, this tool can help you figure out new audiences based on their habits, affinities, and interests, and what they are planning to purchase.

You can also use your audience insights to help your video advertisements strategy, and you can launch a YouTube campaign targeted at this new audience based on the habits of your most valued viewers.

Market Finder

With increased globalization and market accessibility, finding new international markets has become easier. And because of that, finding a new market is more affordable and achievable. Google Market Finder aims to make finding new global markets practical, affordable, and achievable.

You begin inputting your web address into the Google Market Finder tool when you require this. The tool analyzes your website under both Grow My Store and Test My Site, only this time it analyzes your services and products.

Based on the recommendations generated using this tool, a map of suggested companies is shown, along with a number of important metrics, including estimating the number of monthly searches across all categories related to your products and services.

From Market Finder, you’ll be able to establish strategies for establishing worldwide business operations and expanding your business.

Now, we’ll cover the last and most important tool

Google Trends.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that helps users to see the history of search terms and trends. It is an important tool for marketers to understand what people are searching for.

Google Trends is a useful online marketing tool that provides access to Google and YouTube ‘s immense trove of data.

You can use Google’s Tools to find a quantity trends, a feature in which you can access a keyword research graph over time, uncover keywords that have broken out in your search volume, keep away from keywords that are becoming less likely to be used, analyze related keywords, and so much more.

Five Ways an Advertiser Benefit From Using Think WIth Google

Here are 5 ways an advertiser benefits from using think with google to enhance their marketing campaigns.

Make Sense of Data

Google digitizes the huge quantity of information it gathers and gives you tips on how to use them to your advantage. For Example

“67% of mobile users will switch to another site or app if takes too many steps to purchase or get desired information.”

Once you’ve learned the importance of an efficient mobile user journey, how will you create it? Think with Google is more than just supplying you with facts and numerical information. This explains the significance of a mobile experience, then lists three ways to approach one, including getting rid of steps, anticipating needs, and making a faster page load time.

Trend Awareness

Patterns among trends are affected by the seasons or years. This year (2016), more Back to School queries were carried out on mobile than in years past.

In the first four weeks of July, 3 out of 5 back-to-school queries were made from a mobile device, and there were 35 more mobile queries than last year.

That means your marketing strategies need to change and adapt to the growing number of mobile users in your target demographic. Schedule your promotions and advertisements on the web at least a month earlier than last year–and make sure that web properties are mobile-friendly.

Emerging Best Practices

While it is true that online shopping can sometimes spell the end of a certain business, that isn’t the only way it manifests itself. Some customers simply check local retailers online to see if there’s anything available.

82% of shoppers say that they Consult their phones when making a purchase in-store.

Online vendors and retailers advertise their online products, so that if a potential shopper or client can locate the item in their nearby physical retail establishment, they will walk into that establishment to buy it. Consumer reviews of online products, and the instant gratification of examining a product online before purchasing it, encourage consumers to shop in physical stores for online products.

Online vendors refer to their online stores when describing their products. While online product information may lead to prospective online shoppers deciding to sign a sales contract, testimonials and customer reviews that encourage purchase decisions in brick-and-mortar stores help online vendors make a profit.

Peek Behind the Curtain of Real Digital Campaigns

Discover how companies like Dunkin Donuts, Swarovski Crystal, and Best Buy produced digital campaigns that resulted in a rapid surge in revenue.

But through an early experiment, it was observed that linking customers to a store pickup option resulted in a rise in clicks to a company website of 44 percent.

By tracking real data, companies determined that how customers were making use of the site and also made those features more useful. This resulted in happy customers and more sales for the company.

Learn What Works, Put it into Action

If you’re on the fence about implementing a channel into your marketing strategy, you may want to take a look at some data that gives you information about the final push. For Example “Among smartphone users, 91% turn to their devices for ideas that help complete a task”.

If your clients find how-to advice on your service or product to be useful, write a blog post, video, or guide directing them. Don t just offer additional information, but let customers know how to use it. Ensure that it’s compatible with mobile devices.

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