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Shopify conversion rate optimization: Best tips to follow

Conversions are a big deal for a Shopify store owner. Though setting up an online store on Shopify is quite easy, many sellers still need help with their eCommerce conversion rates (CR). It is the percentage of visitors to your website that becomes paying customers. 

Do you know the average CR for Shopify stores? Let’s have a look at some Shopify store conversion rate statistics

  • The average conversion rate for Shopify: 1.8%.  
  • Top 20% of Shopify stores: Conversion rate greater than 3.7%. Online stores in this category can convert more than twice as many visitors into customers as compared to an average Shopify store.
  • Worst 20% of Shopify stores: Conversion rate below 0.5%. It indicates that these stores are only able to convert a small fraction of site visitors into customers.
  • Worst performing stores: Conversion rate less than or near 0.1%. Such stores struggle to convert any of their visitors into customers.

Improving conversion rates not only fosters revenue but also contributes to refining the customer experience (as for ROI improvement, businesses often focus on making their sites user-friendly).

In this post, you will discover some of the best approaches that you can take to optimize conversion rates and reduce bounce rates. These tactics encompass a range of actions, such as improving website design, refining product descriptions, and simplifying the checkout process. 

What is Conversion rate optimization (CRO)?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) means increasing the number of website visitors making a purchase. Many CRO techniques can be used on Shopify stores like streamlining the checkout process, optimizing product images, keeping navigation easier, and offering limited-time offers. By testing different approaches and finding what works best for your business, you can increase sales and boost the profits of your Shopify store.

Effective tips to optimize Shopify conversion rate   

There is no magic pill to increase conversions. However, combining effective strategies and the right tactics can lead to a successful boost in conversion rates. Let’s have a look at some tried and tested ways that can boost your Shopify store conversion rates and drive more sales.

Keep navigation easy

Make sure that your site visitors can find what they are looking for. Offering a user-friendly, clear, and responsive navigation menu is the best way to guide customers to find their desired items quickly. Clear categories and subcategories, a search bar with smart suggestions, and highlighted special offers can make the Shopify store navigation simpler.

Make product descriptions informative and engaging

It is necessary to create engaging product descriptions to effectively showcase its functionalities. Highlight the unique features, benefits, and how effective the item is in catering to customers’ needs. It is the page where people make purchasing decisions. Optimizing it can lead to an increase in customer retention rate resulting in improved eCommerce conversion rates and sales.

Streamline checkout processes

A complex and lengthy checkout process can increase cart abandonment rates. To ensure a seamless and user-friendly payment system, it is best to work with an expert Shopify developer who can effectively incorporate payment gateways. By cutting down unnecessary steps, ensuring secure payment methods, and simplifying the checkout process, you can create a hassle-free checkout experience for your customers.

Optimize product images

Your product images should be clear, well-lit, and free of distractions. They should accurately represent the product you are selling. Don’t just use one image of your product. Show it from different angles and in different lighting conditions. This will give customers a better idea of what the product looks like. This can be especially helpful for products with small details or complex features.

Make a customer reviews and ratings section

People tend to trust fellow shoppers. Presenting customer reviews can be an effective way to increase conversions. These reviews and social proof help make purchasing decisions. It builds trust and shows potential buyers about past shoppers’ experiences with your products. Using star ratings also helps in creating a community around your brand.

Present limited-time offers

Here is another helpful tactic: the psychology of urgency. By showing limited-time offers, you can encourage customers to take action and make an early purchase. Make sure the sale is prominently displayed on your homepage. This time pressure drives customers to make quick decisions. You can even use phrases like “only 3 left in stock,” which can be effective in creating urgency.

Another prominent strategy you can follow is to tie your promotions to specific holidays, events, or seasons. This alignment will make it more compelling and emphasize that the deal won’t last forever.

Site design should be responsive

With many shoppers on their phones, a mobile-friendly site is essential. If your CRO efforts focus on the desktop alone, you will probably be neglecting a huge chunk of your site visitors. Creating mobile-responsive storefronts requires the involvement of a web development professional. Therefore, you can opt for an expert Shopify developer to keep mobile devices front-of-mind during site development.

A responsive design automatically adjusts the site’s layout to fit different screen sizes. It provides mobile shoppers with a positive and seamless website experience ultimately increasing your Shopify store conversion rate. 

Show clear return and refund policies

It is another essential pillar for providing trustworthy and customer-centric shopping experiences. You should outline the procedure that customers can follow if they are not satisfied with their purchase. Presenting them in a transparent and easy-to-understand manner will create a sense of assurance and reduce uncertainties.

Also, there must be a clear refund timeline. Better to emphasize a customer-friendly approach like providing accessible online return forms. It will foster trust and provide clarity to customers who might hesitate to make a purchase.

Use email marketing

To nurture leads, drive repeat business, and recover abandoned carts, email marketing can be worthwhile. It can enhance your conversion rates and help in building strong relationships with your customers. 

One of the significant benefits of this tactic is its ability to re-engage customers who have abandoned their shopping carts. You can hire a Shopify developer to integrate features like auto-generated abandoned cart recovery emails to make the process more seamless.

Integrate social media channels

It is an effective strategy for modern businesses looking to expand their customer reach and engagement to build a thriving community. Integrating the Shopify store with social media platforms will help create a dynamic ecosystem to encourage customer interaction. It will not only increase the store’s visibility but also let shoppers share photos and experiences with relevant hashtags. This will help enhance brand authenticity and credibility.

With social media integration, your website can showcase real-time updates. It is particularly beneficial for businesses in the fashion, art, and travel niches.

Offer live chat support

An AI chatbot facilitates visitor interaction with the website, much like chatting with a salesperson. It provides details about the brand and educates customers on the product line. It can engage your visitors, answer their questions, and direct them to overcome any obstacles while making purchasing decisions.

When site visitors receive the relevant information they require, they are more likely to make purchases. It allows online business owners to serve their customers better and direct them to take the desired action. Answering customer questions and guiding them toward the best products per their preferences will improve the site conversion rate.


Implementing the tips outlined in the blog post enables you to enhance your Shopify store’s performance and drive higher conversion rates. Improving the site is an ongoing and dynamic process that requires continuous analysis, testing, and adaptation to stay aligned with consumer preferences. 

While following the mentioned tactics can improve the online shopping experience, there is no clear-cut formula that works for every product and niche. If you want professionals to guide you through this, then one of the best ways is to seek technical assistance from experts at a Shopify development company for desired results.

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