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How To Play Clash Royale – Enter The Arena

How To Play Clash Royale - Enter The Arena

Are you looking for a new game to play? Have you heard of the addictive and highly popular game Clash Royale? If not, then you’re in luck – we’re here to introduce you to this awesome mobile game and teach you how to get started playing. Here’s an article outlining everything you need to know:

Clash Royale

Ready your troops and join the ultimate real-time multiplayer battle! Clash Royale brings you epic royales, your favorite Clash of Clans characters and a lot more intense action.

Gather and upgrade numerous cards with Clash of Clans warriors, spells, and defenses you know and adore, including the Royales: Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons and more. Remove the enemy King and Princesses from their towers to beat your adversaries, garnering Trophies, Crowns, and trading glory in the Arena. Construct a Clan to exchange cards and create your own battle community. Following are some of the features of Clash Royale.


Download & Install the Game

The first step is downloading the ‘Clash Royale’ app from either your Android or iOS store. Follow the steps to download and install the game:

Once installed, open the app and begin creating your own unique avatar according to your preferences. You will also be asked to connect to your Google/Game Center account so that you can save your progress for later games.

Understand the Objectives & Controls

The aim of Clash Royale is to defeat enemy players by destroying their three towers on each side of the map while simultaneously protecting yours from attack, in order to win Crowns (experience points). You can use these crowns to unlock chests and help level up your characters. You can control your character with intuitive drag-and-drop controls which makes it easy for anyone new to learn quickly and start playing right away.

Learn How To Use Cards & Boosters

One of the most interesting aspects of Clash Royale is its card-based battle system, which gives players immense tactical freedom when battling opponents. Each player starts each battle with a deck of eight cards, and they must strategically choose which card they will use in each battle in order to maximize their chance of winning. Additionally, players have access to boosters which give them additional power ups such as increased damage dealing or health regeneration in order to increase their chances against their foes.

Join Clans & Battle Friends

Another exciting feature that Clash Royale offers is its clan system, which allows gamers from all over the world join together into squads and compete against other clans. Joining a clan lets members share advice on strategy, play with friends online, chat with other members in real time, and just generally have fun competing together against other clans online! Additionally, there are friendly battles within each clan which allows members to challenge one another on an equal footing outside official tournament matches so that everyone has fun practicing together before facing off against opponents in tournaments proper.

How To Play Clash Royale

Follow the instructions that are given below on how to play:

  1. How To Start a Match
  2. Understand The Arena
  3. What is Elixir
  4. Deploy Army & attack
  5. Destroy The Opponent’s Towers
  6. Collect Rewards

How To Start a Match

Start a match in Clash Royale by pressing the Battle tab, which is symbolized by two swords crossing at the bottom-center of your screen. After doing so, press the yellow Battle button to start.

Understand The Arena

In the arena there are two sections, with three towers apiece. Your section is at the bottom of the display and your rival’s portion is at the top. Both sections are partitioned off by a river featuring two bridges. The side turrets are defensive structures and the large central towers belong to the King.

What is Elixir

Elixir is essential to deploy troops. Every individual at the inception of the match has 5 elixirs and can store a maximum of 10 elixirs. In the initial stage, players attain 1 elixir every 2.8 seconds. Subsequent to two minutes, the competition goes into double-elixir time where each player acquires an elixir every 1.4 seconds.

Deploy Army & Attack

The cards at the bottom of the screen portray your units and assaults. Cards can be a unit, including a knight, sidekicks, archer, or giant. It may also be an attack such as a fireball or hailstorm of arrows. The figure at the bottom of the card implies how much elixir it requires to deploy the unit.

Drag and drop cards from your hand onto the battlefield. You can’t deploy cards in areas marked with red, but you can use them to attack enemy units or towers.

Destroy The Opponent’s Towers

In Clash Royale, defeating your opponent’s towers is the key to victory. The two large towers at the far ends of the battlefield belong to the King; if one of them falls, then that player loses the match.

Collect Rewards

For every tower you take down in a game, you’re rewarded with a crown. Upon winning a match, you get a chest as well! To unlock the chest, click on the Tap to Unlock icon right above it and select Countdown to Unlock for the countdown to start.

The timer for starting can last between 1 and 8 hours. After the countdown has ended, you can press the chest to unlock it. Every chest is usually filled with random rewards, like coins and cards. It is possible to have a maximum of 4 chests at any given time.

How To Assemble Deck

Following are the methods of assembling different decks:

  1. Open Cards Tab
  2. Choose a Deck of Cards
  3. Choose Cards You want To Use
  4. Upgrade Your Cards
  5. Collect New Cards

Open Cards Tab

When you open Clash Royale, tap the 3 card icon located at the bottom of the screen to view the cards tab.

Choose a Deck Of Cards

In the battle deck menu, you can choose from 10 unique decks of cards. Simply tap on one of the numbered boxes at the top to select your deck.

Choose Cards You want To Use

The cards in your deck are found at the apex of the battle deck menu. You can possess 8 cards in your deck. All the cards you have located are listed in your card inventory underneath your heap of cards. To pick a card from your compilation, tap the card, then press Use. Tap the space you want it to enter. If there is already a card in the spot, it will be changed out.

Consider carefully how you assemble your deck. It should involve a victory-achieving card, which is your major offensive card. Pick other cards that correspond with this victory-achieving card. The type of deck you construct is referred to as the “Archetype”. Construct a deck that suits your style of play best.

Upgrade Your Cards

If your card has a green bar below it, you can upgrade it to the next level. To do so, simply tap “Upgrade” beneath the card and then again on the upgrade screen. Upgrading your cards will give them extra benefits such as increased damage and health.

Collect New Cards

Gaining new cards enables you to assemble effective combinations of troops. By progressing and increasing your battle level, you will gain access to new arenas.

In every arena, you can explore to find new cards or use one of the following methods:


Clash Royale is a great way for anyone looking for a fun but challenging game experience on mobile devices. With intense strategic action based around cards, boosters and clans as well as intuitive drag-and-drop gaming controls it’s easy for anyone new or experienced at gaming alike to pick up and enjoy! So if you are curious about this engaging mobile RPG then why not give it a try today?

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